We offer different types of professional whitening systems because here, at Littleport Dental Surgery, we understand how a bright and beautiful natural smile has the power to build your confidence and maintain youth.

Our whitening systems are the best on the market, and have been proven to provide outstanding results, specially formulated to tackle tooth discolouration as a result of foods, tobacco and other stain-causing materials.

Our specially formulated whitening gels are simple and safe to use, so come and speak to one of our dentists today. We provide free* whitening consultations and will use that opportunity to recommend a personal whitening program for you.

Whitening Options: Price (£)
Consultation 50.00
Stain Removal 100.00
Boutique Home Whitening 339.00
Enlighten Home/In-Surgery Whitening 639.00
Additional Syringes 20.00/50.00

*consultation free when you commit to a whitening program.

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