We always put each patient’s individual cares and concerns first when it comes to formulating a treatment plan for them. We offer a full range of private treatment options, which we cannot usually provide on the NHS, such as cosmetic dentistry.

When you opt to have private treatment, you can enjoy out-of-hours services and we can arrange your appointments to suit your busy lifestyle. A bespoke care plan devised by your dentist will involve the selection of those treatments which take into consideration your unique needs and expectations. You will also enjoy the benefit of superior materials, both in-house and within the specialist dental labs, whose services we enlist in order to make your crowns, bridges and dentures as strong and as natural as possible.

In order to make an appointment as a private patient, please contact the surgery today. We do require a deposit of £50 on booking, which will allow us to secure a time slot with the dentist of your choice and cover your initial assessment fee. They can then go through what treatment you require and what it will cost in more detail.

Private Price List Price (£)
New Patient Exam 55.00
Emergency appointment 75.00
Hygiene Appointment From 60.00
Amalgam / Silver filling From 100.00
Composite / White filling From 140.00
Invisalign From 2700.00
Gold Crown From 500.00 + gold cost
Porcelain Bonded Crown From 550.00
Endodontic Treatment (RCT) From 275.00
Dentures – Partial (per arch) From 600.00
Dentures – Full From 700.00
Extraction From 145.00

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